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New Toronto Maple Leafs jersey leaked

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It's a day early, but here we go.

The Toronto Maple Leafs' plan was to unveil their new jersey - featuring their new logo - at the 2016 NHL Draft. It would have been a fitting way to usher in the new era: the first overall pick, presumably Auston Matthews, donning the first-ever new jersey that celebrates the Leafs' 100 years of history.

And while things will still likely go down that way, it may not be a reveal anymore. Not if these screen captures, courtesy of @neverstopbeleaf, are accurate.

So, there we may have it: new jerseys.

They're pretty plain overall, maintaining a classic, simple look - but they feel just a little bit... off. That single white stripe on the bottom is likely the biggest offender; in the previous edition of jerseys, it was at least two thin stripes that matched the arms.

In fact, when the Leafs last had a single white stripe at the bottom of their jerseys, back from 1970-92, they didn't have any stripes on the arms at all. Rather, the shoulders were a different colour from the rest of the body, and it looked much cleaner and put together as a result.

When you dig through the Leafs' jersey history, you see various striping patterns - but none of them ever really clashed quite like this.

One thing everyone seems to agree on: the home ones look much better than the away.