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From the Branches: With great power

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...Comes great responsibility

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Yesterday, Florida Panther owner Vincent Viola's son John explained the new Cats logo. He used a phrase from Spiderman to describe it, something that caught my attention. The owner has roots in the military, and from all the descriptions I've read of the Panthers lately, they've been heading toward a very military paradigm for their team.

"It's important to remember that, in the military ethos, fighting is your last resort, because -- just like with Spider-Man -- with great power comes great responsibility," [John Viola] said. "All of that is represented in the logo."

Obviously I work for the US Navy, and have a lot of respect for this, although I'm well aware that YMMV about respect for American military things. I pondered this especially last night when someone quoted our own community guidelines at me regarding a conversation held in the FTB. What was my responsibility there? How should I use my power? What, essentially, would Spiderman do? So I made a decision.

And the Leafs. Tomorrow Patrik Laine and Auston Matthews will be livestreamed during the combine. Will Laine blow Matthews out of the water? Vice-versa? It's nice to know that the Leafs org will take their power seriously and be as responsible as they can about the decisions they must make.

Also, there was no NHL hockey last night. Is it October yet?

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