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From the Branches: Sharks on thin ice; Toronto to see ice?

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I hope you didn't pack away your winter clothes.

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Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Have you been enjoying the glorious summer weather this past week? Too bad. We're about to receive a surprise last taste of the spring (or is it a first taste of autumn?). Temperatures are dropping to a high of 20°C today, and will fall to a high of only 16°C tomorrow. The further you live from Lake Ontario, the colder it will be. Some northern GTA suburbs are expected to have overnight lows approaching 0°C! (insert achariyascreaming.jpg here)

Don't worry though, summer will be back next week!

Stanley Cup Final

That was a really great game last night, eh? And how about PHIL! setting up plays all over the ice. It's almost like he's good at this hockey stuff.

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