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Wednesday's FTB: The FTB For Wednesday

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Today is Wednesday. If you have plans for Thursday, they are happening tomorrow.

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A quiet day in the NHL, as we wait for Game 5 of the Finals and Day One of the draft.  But there are links nonetheless:


JP: Circumstances Aligned For Leafs To Make A Splash

Chris McRae: Mixed Bag For Thunder In East-Coast Road Trip
Our cousins from Perth had a weekend split in two away games.

Mr Handsome: Glass Damage
That's right, I linked my own piece.  When you do the FTB, you can do that too.


(We kid because we love.)

The Leafs Nation: June 6th Mailbag
Jeffler answers questions well, though he doesn't mention arcane philosophical problems enough IMO.

Maple Leafs Hot Stove: A Comprehensive Review Of The 2015 Toronto Marlies Season
A month-by-month walkthrough of the Marlies' season, from auspicious beginning to frustrating end.

Stanley Cup Finals

Pensburgh: Dissecting the Successful Penguins Powerplay From Game 4 That Gave Them A 2-0 Lead
Unwieldy title aside, this is a neat, Justin Bourne-style breakdown of the Penguins' second goal, with a starring role for Phil Kessel.

Fear the Fin: Where Have You Gone, Joe Pavelski?
They aren't feeling so great over at FTF, and this mailbag shows it.  They seem to have realized we skinned them on the Polak/Spaling trade.

Deadspin: Matt Murray Is The Man
Matt Murray is a cool hombre, but Barry Petchesky thinks he's a lock for the Conn Smythe if the Pens win, which I neither believe nor am willing to accept.  Phil always.  Phil forever.

Puck Daddy: Who Dares Prevent Kessel From Winning MVP?
Wysh weighs in on the issue with the correct opinion.

Puck Daddy: Has Exhaustion Caught Up With The San Jose Sharks?
Maybe.  Or maybe the deepest forward lineup in the last five years has been savaging a third pairing that has Roman Polak on it.  Who can say?

Around The NHL

Copper and Blue: Signing Milan Lucic Is About More Than Milan Lucic
The idea is that by acquiring an additional strong winger, the Oilers will finally produce depth at a position, possibly freeing them up to trade, say, Taylor Hall for a defenceman.  I am including this because it would be the most hilarious thing that has ever happened.

The Player's Tribune: The Zebra
Kerry Fraser talks about his career and the infamous missed call, and he's earnest enough that I am going to refrain from swearing in this link.

Down Goes Brown: The Stanley Cup Handoff Rankings
It's DGB and it's a subjective list evaluating the minutiae of historical hockey moments.  It is, needless to say, great.

Canes Country: Noah Hanifin Season Recap
Hey, the guy we picked Marner instead of is developing nicely.  Let's Monday-morning-quarterback the draft choice to death!

Add your own links in the comments, or don't, I'm not a cop.