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Tuesday's FTB: And Then There Was One

Lou continues to take care of business as July nears its close.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

After a lull of a couple of quiet weeks, the Leafs have been taking care of business in the last few days.  Lou and co. signed Peter Holland and Frank Corrado to very reasonable deals yesterday, leaving Martin Marincin as the team's only unsigned RFA.  Considering Marincin's arbitration hearing doesn't go until next Tuesday, it might be a bit before the sides wrap on this one, but the usual practice of settling before the hearing seems to be in full force.

Holland & Corrado

PPP: Leafs Agree To Deal With Peter Holland I absolutely think he's worth what we're paying, but golly, we sure do have a lot of forwards.

PPP: Leafs Re-Sign Frank Corrado To 1-Year Deal Say what you will about Lou, but he looks to have swung another bargain on this one.  Of course, if we end up losing Frankie C on waivers, it's not much of a deal, so let's hope that's not an issue.  My boy Fiddy thinks we'll carry 8D.

PPP: Peter Holland Is Excited To Be Back With The Leafs I like Peter Holland.

Other Stuff

PPP: Did The Leafs Really Trade Jonathan Bernier For Nothing? Katya contextualizes the Leafs' past six months of goalie restructuring, going from the long-standing Reimernier tandem to the present-day Anderson + Guy Who May Be Jhonas Enroth.

MLHS: The Jared Cowen Buyout Situation Brownscombe over at MLHS looks at the ongoing Cowen saga.  The Leafs will likely be able to afford their roster this year without having to LTIR anybody if they succeed in buying Cowen out, which would be nice.

Second City Hockey: Blackhawks On List Of Teams Jimmy Vesey Will Meet With Everybody and their dog wants Jimmy Vesey.  The Leafs aren't mentioned in the article, though I'd be surprised if they weren't at least on that list.

Today's Slapshot: Marchand's Seven Million Salary Ask Is Worth It I'm trying to think if there's a player whose on-ice performance I both admire and detest to the degree I do Marchand.  Guy's a rat, but he's a talented rat.

Detroit Free Press: Detroit Red Wings Expect Deal With Danny DeKeyser This Week The Wings want to lock up DeKeyser longer-term than an arbitration ruling would.  The article also discusses tragically vowel-deficient goalie Petr Mrazek, who wants to be paid like Frederik Andersen but whom the Wings want to pay like Milhouse in that Simpsons episode where they tie him to the net.

It's quiet in the NHL these days, as teams lock up the kinds of guys whom their fanbases know but whom other fanbases don't, like--say--Holland and Corrado.  Feel free to add your own links, or gossip about how Tyson Barrie hasn't settled yet.