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From the Branches: Welcome back to Twitter, Willy!

Although we do note the change in handle.

It's okay, Willie. We know you belong in the crease.
It's okay, Willie. We know you belong in the crease.
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

It's true. But don't go looking for the old Twitter name. For various reasons, Nylander is back on twitter at @wmnylander. Should we speculate about those reasons? Something along the lines of, joking about being "good in the crease" doesn't fly at your day job? Anyway, we're glad to see him back. Please post copious highlight reel goals, Nylander!

Hockey News

There was nothing new about the Leafs this fine Saturday. How do I know this? Because my own article was one of my top hits on Google news this morning. Therefore, let's chase the gossip and head straight to ...


The Carlyle Effect Revisited: Randy's WOWYs | TLN
"As you can see, other than Joffrey Lupul, every forward who played under Carlyle in 14-15 and Babcock in 15-16 saw jumps in possession, most of them quite large."

Patrick Roy's resignation shocks the Colorado Avalanche, but we haven't seen the last of him | ESPN
"Whether he was being frozen out purposefully by Sakic and the rest of the management/scouting staff or whether Roy simply felt time had run its course, it's that clear Roy sensed a change in atmosphere in Denver, and in typical Roy fashion, he audibled." -- Roy to the Habs pls.

Avalanche, Roy split was inevitable | Gazette dot com
"Could the final dispute have occurred when the Avalanche resigned defenseman Tyson Barrie to a four-year contract? Maybe Roy was discouraged when 21 players — blackjack — became free agents July 1?"

DGB GRAB BAG: Does Roy to the Habs make sense?
"The Canadiens have a coach that nobody other than the GM seems to like, and a GM who's under a ton of pressure after a decidedly controversial offseason. If things continue to go south in Montreal, wouldn't the return of a beloved franchise player as coach, GM or both be just about irresistible?"

2016-17 Late Bloomers: The NHL’s Overlooked Prospects | THW
Like the youngest Subban brother!

Here are the names being considered for the Vegas team | Sportslogo
All hail the SomethingHawks.

Bill Foley says ‘Nighthawks’ still in play for Las Vegas NHL nickname | Sports Journal
"Owner Bill Foley refuted internet reports Friday that the team has decided against "Hawks" in the name after it was reported Thursday that Black Knight Sports and Entertainment had legally secured the three names."

Alex Ovechkin's first NHL jersey fetches handsome price at auction | SI
The jersey worn by Washington Capitals superstar Alexander Ovechkin in his first NHL game sold for $14,340 at auction on Thursday.

NHL hot for Jimmy Vesey, and Harvard star is narrowing list for Monday | Boston Herald
Sure is a lot of buzz for a 3rd-rounder.

The NHL’s chaotic offseason leaves contenders and players with plenty to prove | SBN
"Big moves will put the pressure on some of the NHL’s biggest stars and teams."

Katie Ledecky counts Capitals owner as fan, friend | NHL
"I wish I could tell you in that picture we said, 'This is the greatest future amateur athlete on the planet,'" Leonsis told this week. "But I will tell you in that photo, she was nonplussed being around all of the commotion."

After biggest blunder of his career, CBC's Elliotte Friedman wants no sympathy | SI
"I feel like s---," he says. "I’m not gonna lie to you. I believe that there is a certain standard that’s required to broadcast the Olympic Games. I don’t even feel that badly for myself. I feel badly that I let my network down. That’s the thing I feel the worst about." AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Quit beating yourself up, Friedge!

Fantasy Hockey: Buying Low on Emerging Stars | THW
I honestly can't wait for fantasy hockey to start up again.

2017 NHL Draft Preliminary Alternate Rankings – Pike’s Picks | THW
It's never too early to window shop!

The Bruins are replacing the Ice Girls with the most Boston-model promo team ever | SCOC