MMM: Magical Marlies Meet-up

Christian Bonin -

Hello again everyone!

On the heels of our successful pub meet-up last week, there has been some interest in doing a larger outing to see the Marlies at Ricoh Coliseum. It turns out we can rent a suite for as little as $40 per head (that includes entry cost) if we rent a 30 person party suite at $1200 (I'm assuming there might be taxes on top of that). Food packages are extra, an account executive has forwarded me last year's menu and prices as a guideline which I will figure out how to post later.

I'd like to use this post as a way to gauge how many people would be interested in going, and which dates are the most attractive, at which point our blog mom will tell us when we're going. If the suite seems like it might be too expensive, we can certainly do a group ticket package instead if that's the will of the board. Please let me know what your preferences are below.

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Marlies Suite Menu

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