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From the Branches: His name is Andreas JohnsSon?!

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Welcome, stealth S!

Peter Kymmer | Frolunda HC Images

Yessterday, there wass much conssternation in the room when PPP sstaff realized that Andreas Johnsson had been politely allowing reporterss and bloggerss to sspell his name however they wanted.

Gunnar: uh so johnson is actually johnsson? that's weird

Katyaknappe: That's bananas.

Gunnar: i don't understand how that could happen

Katyaknappe: I smell a giant rat. His main name at Elite Prospects is one S, he has two relatives listed with a single S.

Katyaknappe: His dad has never left Sweden, so I'm not buying this was a draft error. Lots of -son names come in both varieties, but the double S is more common.

Katyaknappe: It seems the whole family changed! Or something! Like that's being too nice. His dad shows up in older articles with SS and then about the time Andreas got famous, with only one.

Gunnar: That's so weird. Something might have been lost in translation there.


Leafs News

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"It was Tony Cameranesi who put the Leafs ahead when he streaked down his off-wing, and snapped a shot on goal. He picked up his own rebound and put it home, just like the Leafs did in practice earlier this morning. Assists went to Korostelev and Dzierkals."

Go Cameranesi go!

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"Two young guys coming into the organization at the same time - that’s positive," said Toronto coach Sheldon Keefe, who is in line to inherit them with the Marlies. "I don’t know how often they’ll be paired together in future (the left-shooting tandem played regular shifts and were the first power play unit, but were each penalized in the third), but they get along well. With the Marlies, we had them hanging around quite a bit. It builds bonds and that’s what you hope for, something that is lasting."

With summer finally over, Leafs rookies ready to show off | TSN
"I hate these guys," Dermott said with a laugh. "No, it’s fun coming back here, I’m sure the atmosphere is going to be great. Knowing that we’ve had a lot of battles in this rink, it [makes it] fun to be back."

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Other Hockey News

WCOH postgame: Canada coast to 6-0 victory over Czech Republic | TLN
"The scoring never stopped from there. Nine minutes later, a point shot from Brent Burns was redirected by Brad Marchand in front of the net, and with 0.7 seconds left on the first period clock, Marchand struck again, winning a battle for the puck before feeding NHL teammate Patrice Bergeron for a buzzer beater that, in an ultimate role reversal, made the Air Canada Centre erupt in excitement for a clutch goal created by two Bruins star forwards."

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Instead of dressing Byfuglien, the Yanks used lefty Jack Johnson and righty Erik Johnson as the third pair. Neither was particularly effective on Saturday.