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From The Branches: Return to action

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The summer is coming to a close.

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From the front page

Maple Leafs' Top 25 Under 25: Nikita Zaitsev debuts at No. 6 - Pension Plan Puppets
Zaitsev is finally crossing the pond, here is some insight into what you can expect of him in the years to come.

How much has the Leafs' goaltending improved? - Pension Plan Puppets
And how much will it improve the team overall?

Why Your Team Sucks: Arizona Coyotes - Pension Plan Puppets
The Jets suck so much they get two entries!

UPDATED: The game was a fiasco, but was Frederik Andersen really injured? - Pension Plan Puppets
Frederik Andersen was upended in the Olympic qualifier today. He left the game, and there's a lot of worry about potential injury.

How to make the Centennial Classic great - Pension Plan Puppets
Outdoor games are old hat. How do we make this one stand out?

Leafs Links

TLN Top 20 Prospects 2016: #1 Auston Matthews | The LeafsNation
Middleton got robbed, I tell ya

Neutral Zone Playing Styles: What Does Chemistry Look Like? | The LeafsNation
Shawn Reis takes a look at some of the neutral zone playing style work out there, and applies it to the Leafs

NEW LEAFS JERSEY!!! | The LeafsNation
Dangle gets the new Leafs jersey and gives you the scoop

Johnston: Matthews showing why he's number one - (Video)
NHL insider Chris Johnston talks about what makes Auston Matthews a number one prospect, his size and off ice training, and how he's set himself up to compete in an 82 game NHL schedule.

Maple Leafs' new logo unveiled on centre ice at the ACC

Around the League

Chris Drury Named Assistant General Manager | Blueshirts United