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Pre-Season preview & GDT 3: Toronto Maple Leafs at Buffalo Sabres

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We must avenge our shootout loss!

Buffalo Sabres  v Toronto Maple Leafs

After the Maple Leafs lost to the Sabres last night in a shootout in St. Catharines, they all boarded the bus again and kept going south towards Buffalo. Once again the crowd will see a lot of filler around some stars, as both teams look to make more cuts over the weekend, as AHL camps begin on Monday.

Toronto Maple Leafs (0-1-0-1) @ Buffalo Sabres (2-0-1-0)

"Some new bank" Arena, Buffalo, NY

How to Watch: Sportsnet360, MSG Network

Can the Sabres keep up their winning ways this post-season? I hope not. Mike Babcock is taking a day off after winning the World Cup so Jim Hiller will stay behind the bench tonight. We’re still Auston Matthews-less as well, as some borderline kids get a last look.

Don’t have any lines yet, so share them if you see them in the comments, I’ll be at the IceDogs game tonight, so I can’t update. Here’s what I have so far:

And here are some videos from last night/this morning to tide you over until game time:

Jhonas Entroth after practice, making his return to Buffalo

Sparks stopping the lesser Nylander:

Marner post-practice:

Hopefully the boys win tonight, can’t stand losing in Buffalo.

Go Leafs Go!