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Recap: Rangers 5 - Leafs 2

In which I rip off Arvind’s format but lose his precision and missing Morgan Rielly is not an excuse for this game

Toronto Maple Leafs v New York Rangers Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

First period

Naz’s line gets it in, Nylander early shot, back into Leafs zone, Hunwick ices it

Bozak’s line can’t get it out, Hayes gets a chance, Andersen stops

Matthews loses faceoff to Zibanejad, another shot right on to Andersen. Shift change, then lather, rinse repeat

Matthews back on gets it out but back in we go

Gards springs Matthews, shot blocked

Marner to Bozak, offside

Andersen really busy

Icing by Rangers Bozak line on

Grabner breakaway, foiled by Freddie, Carrick called for slashing. PK

Okay does Andersen need to do everything himself tonight?

Brown and Gauthier 2 on one but no dice

Yet again the commentators want the Goat to be “235 and 6ft 5 all the time” I dunno, maybe he should try being 190 and 5ft 10

4 Rangers shots on the PK

1-0 Rangers first shot back on 5 on 5 past multiple Leafs and behind Freddie

Oh I forgot Corrado was in this game, he keeps it in the zone for a little longer, hi Frankie! (whoops, Frankie was one of the guys on for that goal)

Matthews gets time and space but can’t quite beat Lundqvist

Nylander and Kadri combined for a good shot but Lundqvist persists at being Lundqvist. Komarov can’t do anything with the rebound

Gauthier hit mid-ice but doesn’t stay off

Marner gets space and takes a good shot no dice

1-1 Woot! Bozak

Marner comes back up with JVR, can’t get to the net, keeps the puck, but JVR goes bowling for goalies and the net comes off.

Replay of goal, Marner is so good, and also his cellys are always fun

Hunwick gets a chance and Lundqvist goes scrambling but nobody takes the opening.

Goat gets an opportunity!

2-1 Mess in front of the goal and Matthews does not make a good goalie

Play under review - possible kicking but replay is pretty clear - kicked but then hit with a stick. Never heard a ref be that detailed with their explanation before

Andersen is going to beat his teammates with a stick at intermission

This game is just Ziegfeld Follies jeez, Kadri almost gets away but tangles with a Ranger

PP for.... reasons? Ah, Kreider tried to give Kadri a hug. Holding.

Gardiner skates it in, Rangers get it right back down again

Almost a minute in and no shots this is a mess

Grabner gets an opportunity again and Andersen is up to it.

How has Hunwick had two decent chances already tonight? I mean defensively he’s not super helpful tonight

Can we at least get through the last minute of play?

A bit of desperation-fueled offence in the last 30 seconds but period ends 2-1

Second period

Matthews line to start, get it in but can’t keep control, Mika Zibanejad gets an opportunity the other way

Shot off the faceoff again but Andersen keeps it in play and Leafs get it out

Kadri swings around the Rangers net but can’t get the wraparound or a clear centring pass

Frankie blows a tire

Apparently being 6ft 5 and 235lbs does not allow you to reach around the net to relieve a Ranger of the puck

Matthews, Gardiner and Carrick having trouble getting it out

Zaitsev gets a chance in front. I’ve been impressed with him lately.

Kadri line in, the Rangers get it back but send it in for icing

Bozak line gets the offensive zone start, puck ends up out of play

Matthews takes the faceoff back to Hunwick, to Brown

Matthews can do insane shit to keep the puck, damn

Accidentally passes to a Ranger, who takes it in but misses the net by a mile

Hyman makes a nice shot

Carrick blocks a shot, so he does remember how to do useful things.

Polak and Corrado is now a pairing. That is... come back soon Morgan!

Mitch Marner wants the puck on his stick very very badly and goes sliding across the ice

Zaitsev again with some nifty moves but can’t get enough space for a shot

Kadri line hemmed in their own zone but get it out

Nylander’s shot is almost bobbled by Lundqvist

Andersen playing the puck makes me nervous after Tuesday

Matt Martin’s good work to get the puck would have been more helpful if he had someone other than Gauthier to pass to

Hey, Vesey gets a chance! Remember him?

JVR gets Marner away but Mitch can’t get the puck in the net and collides with Lundqvist. The Rangers get it back and bank it off Hunwick, 3-1.

I feel it would be beneficial for both teams it they stopped giving each other half a sheet of open ice to play with

Martin and Skeij get into it, not with their fists but over control of the puck.

Corrado feels the need to hook Jimmy Hayes and I can only hope the ensuing PK will give Hyman another chance to practice his shootout moves

Andersen has to make a quick save... and there Hyman goes. Komarov follows him in and gets a chance that almost goes under Lundqvist’s pads

Zibanejad comes right in and Freddie shuts the door.

McDonagh makes shot number 28 for the Rangers and Andersen gloves it.

PK descends into chaos. Luck and Freddie keep the puck out.

Shanny looks displeased. Lou... it’s hard to tell.

Grabner comes in and Corrado ends up in the box for trying to stop him in stupid ways.

An early Rangers shot goes high and the Leafs get it out

When the puck comes back in Polak happens to Zuccarello but there’s no call and he has to make his way a long way across the ice while play is still on, in obvious pain

3-2 Finally a shorthanded goal for Hyman - not one of his breakaways but a dogged fight to keep the puck which keeps play in the Rangers zone for precious seconds before he manages to get an opening.

Penalty killed

Zuccarello comes back on the ice.

Matthews, Nylander and Kadri together and they nearly make beautiful magic.

Nylander gets another opportunity but Lundqvist

Zuccarello ends up on the ice again, this time courtesy of Matthews and a puck battle.

Matthews line, aided by Zaitsev, get some quality offensive zone time

Marner tries his hand but the clock runs out

Just checked - after two we’re being outshot 35-18. Sure, this is totally winnable. (augh)

Third period

Back and forth we go... would it be possible to get a puck on the net before we exit the zone please? Thank you Auston

Oh! Gards keeps the puck in with a fancy move that almost results in a goal for Komarov

Second chance for Komarov. Eventually back to the Rangers who have a close call.

Marner is very zoomy, he moves faster than I can type.

Brown attempts a zone entry but is turned back

Gardiner tries shooting through approximately everyone and is unsuccessful

Zuccarello is getting hit a lot, this time by Hunwick

Grabner keeps getting shots on goal it’s a problem...and now he’s hurt, looks like accidental friendly fire

Another PK this time for delay of game, Hunwick in the box

I’m not sure the Rangers know they have a power play they’re wandering aimlessly

Corrado on the PK which is an interesting choice

Zach Hyman gets out to the Rangers zone yet again, it’s a great PK strategy

Not a single Rangers shot on that power play

Polak and Bozak looked like they had something going, no dice

It’s 7:20 in and SOG for the period are 1-1

Icing as a pass misses Kadri and slides all the way down.

Marner tries to get it out but gets it to Grabner who gets another shot, I do not have a good feeling about this

Kadri has shown off his stickhandling a couple times this game. This would be a good time to get goal 100, Naz.

I am not sure how Matthews does some of the things he does. Centrifugal force?

Bozak line having... a shift. Things do not have a sense of organization right now

Icing because Hyman can’t beat out everyone.

Less than half a period to go and no one seems to be feeling a sense of urgency

Bozak to Marner, rebound to JVR but Lundqvist hangs on.

Leafs pressing if someone chaotically, seems to be a lot of people falling... and there’s the call, power play courtesy of Matt Martin!

I was going to say we now have both urgency and organization and then the puck headed way down towards Freddie.

And finally a Grabner breakaway becomes a goal... shorthanded 4-2. That I could see it coming did not make that less painful.

Matthews makes himself a tiny hole between the defenders converging on him for a wrist shot.

Clock issues. Apparently two publicly viewable clocks out of synch with each other

Andersen leaves the ice with just under 3:30 to go... and Grabner scores again 5-2.

Soshnikov dangles around by the boards and the Rangers just sort of let him until he gets board.

Hey Corrado gets a SOG!

Grabner tries for the hatty and Rangers maintain pressure for a while.

Clendenning and Martin get into it with a little over 36s to go so we end the game 4 on 4.

Corrado with an actually kind of impressive move for the last shot of the game.