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Canada aims high with new Olympic jersey design

That old look is gone. With a silver Maple Leaf front and centre, the new design is a big departure, and no one likes new things.

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Canada v United States
This is the more familiar Team Canada look of recent years.
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

That is the new jersey which is paired with black pants as you can see here:

The weird arm design is not a mandated all jerseys must be the same idea as we first thought in the PPP snark lab. This is the USA jersey for comparison with an explanation of its similar arm look:

Perhaps the similar Canadian sleeves are inspired by something Canadian like the ice scrappers you use to clean your windshield, it’s not clear yet.

If you love this look, Team Canada is happy to sell it to you for $159.99 for the Men’s Replica look or $47.99 for the Women’s T. Men’s T also available, of course. No children’s sizes seem to be available at this time.

They are proud of it and want you to focus on the important details. No expense was spared on the manufacturer’s logo. But the crest? It just doesn’t show very well on a computer screen, I guess.

But you too can wear Canada’s new look that is all ready for a second place finish. Although, to be fair, that would offset a gold medal nicely.