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Back to Excited Hockey Podcast - Fixing the Forwards

Never fear! The boys have all the answers for Mike Babcock

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a rough couple weeks in Leaf Land. After a torrid start to the season, the Leafs have looked .... bad, in recent weeks. In particular, their forward group has struggled in spurts, leading to the line blender coming out, and some demotions for key Leafs players. Fulemin and I hash it all out, discussing everything from the sustainability of Marleau at centre, to Nylander’s demotion, to Marner’s 4th line resurgence.

We also get a little unhinged, and start ranting. First about the Leafs, and then about people being mean to our boys (Nylander and Hyman, respectively).


  • Why the Leafs are stuck with the guys they have on defence [1:30]
  • The Leafs new look forward lines, and whether it's feasible to have Bozak on the fourth line in the long-term [5:30]
  • The comical ineptitude of the Leafs defensively [10:03]
  • Nylander getting benched: was it deserved, and should/will he be kept away from the Matthews line going forward [18:00]
  • Ranting about how Nylander has been very good the entire year, despite not scoring many points recently [26:00]
  • Ranting about people who dislike Zach Hyman on the first line [31:42]
  • How has Mitch Marner looked on the fourth line [37:12]

As always, you can find us on Soundcloud, iTunes, and on various Android podcast stores. Let us know what you think, and how you would fix the Leafs forward lines in the comments below!