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Back to Excited Podcast - Episode 12: New Year’s Resolution

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Trade talk to spice up your holiday season.

NHL: Los Angeles Kings at Arizona Coyotes Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The New Year brings with it the idea of change. We all make resolutions about our behaviour to change our lives for the better. Well, hockey teams are no different. On this episode, Fulemin and I discuss three resolutions the Leafs should make as an organization to make their 2018 as good as possible.

Topics discussed include:

  • Acquiring a Top-4 Defenseman: Arvind discusses the possibility of acquiring Oliver Ekman-Larsson at length, and why the Leafs should spare no expense in doing so (5:40). Fulemin makes a case for the Canucks' Chris Tanev instead (24:24), who would be a lower cost option.
  • Extending James van Riemsdyk (32:44). Fulemin makes the case that the Leafs should extend JvR, especially if they're not able to add to the defense.
  • Fixing Nazem Kadri's line (48:46). Kadri is critical to the Leafs, but their line has suffered this season with the decline of Leo Komarov. We discuss whether Komarov has played his way off the team for next year, and various options to replace him there this season.

Regarding OEL... I am incredibly bullish on him, and on the podcast, I stated that if we absolutely needed to, I’d trade Kapanen, Liljegren, and a 1st rounder for him. To be clear, this is an overpay, and is an offer the Coyotes would almost certainly accept unless they were highly confident OEL would re-sign with them. It would have to be made assuming that OEL would be amenable to re-signing with us, and if this is a 2019 trade rather than a 2018 trade, it’s even more lopsided in Arizona’s favour. That said, elite talent isn’t often available, and OEL is elite.

All that said, what would you be willing to trade for him, assuming he is willing to re-sign here. Let us know in the comments!