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Game Day Thread: Toronto Maple Leafs at Buffalo Sabres

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...or as my kid likes to call them, the Barfalos.

I made that face after I saw this logo as well.
I made that face after I saw this logo as well.
Dave Abel/Getty Images

Tonight's game against the Sabres is especially fun because the Leafs head to Buffalo, and as usual the HSBC Marine Midland Key Bank Memorial Auditorium Centre Gardens will be full of Maple Leafs fans. The big difference, however, is that they'll cheering on the better hockey team. You know, the one with an actual rebuild plan that's working.

Auston Matthews will crash into the Sabres net like Ryan O'Rielly into a Tim Hortons.

Mitch Marner will be as quick with the puck as Mike Harrington is with excuses about leadership.

William Nylander will give the fans their moneys worth, the opposite of Terry Pegula who charges fans to watch development camp scrimmages.

Matt Martin will be so protective of the players that he'll be the next chief of Buffalo police.

The Toronto Maple Leafs will burn the Sabres so much you'd think the game was being played in Tonawanda.

This game is going to be as ugly for the Sabres as a Buffaslug.

The Leafs are going beat the Sabres like Andrew Peters on a 15 year old.

Then they'll get out of town faster than Daniel Briere and Chris Drury.

Sabres fans will be crying like Mike Harrington after Babcock signed in Toronto.

Joffrey Lupul won't be in the game, but he'll be with the Leafs in spirit.

Go Leafs Go!