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Toronto Maple Leafs cheering guide: March 8th

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We won! Oh, so did the Islanders. And the Flyers. Dammit.

Boston Bruins v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Last night’s win brought the Maple Leafs closer to the Bruins for that Atlantic playoff spot, but the Islanders won as well, so the Leafs are still shot of a wild card spot.

No Leafs game tonight, but the Atlantic rivals are in two of the three games on deck:

Ottawa Senators @ Dallas Stars - 8:00PM
Cheer For: Dallas. The Senators are six points up on the Leafs, and we don’t want any more growth in the gap between us and them. The Stars are basically out of it, but if they win they’re six points out of the playoffs, and why not give more fans hope in March?

Detroit Red Wings @ Boston Bruins - 8:00PM
Cheer For: Detroit. It’s game two of a back to back and the Bruins have fresh legs, so it will be a hard win for the Red Wings. We need the Bruins to lose to keep them in spitting distance, I’d rather rely on getting the Atlantic spot than fight with both Atlantic and Metro teams for the last wild card.

Pittsburgh Penguins @ Winnipeg Jets* - 8:00PM
Cheer for: Pittsburgh. I know I usually say “West over East” but fuck the Jets*.

Only three game son the docket tonight and they all start at the same time. Good scheduling again, NHL.