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Alex Ovechkin injured in a bad hit from Nazem Kadri

UPDATED: Ovechkin is back, and seems okay-ish. The high-speed collision left Ovechkin on the ice for a short time, before he left the ice with help.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Washington Capitals
 Linesman Michel Cormier #76 breaks up Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals and Nazem Kadri of the Toronto Maple Leafs during the second period on January 3, 2017.
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

In a hit somewhat reminiscent of the one that took Roman Polak out of the playoffs, Nazem Kadri collided with Alex Ovechkin at very high speed. The point of impact appears to be Ovechkin’s knee. Ovechkin stayed down on the ice for a short time, and then had to be helped off. He wasn’t putting any weight on his leg.

Kadri received a two-minute penalty for tripping. Both the crowd and the Capitals were incensed at the penalty.

On the ensuing power play, as has to seem almost inevitable, T.J. Oshie scored from Nicklas Backstrom making it 1-0 for Washington. They are, of course, Ovechkin’s usual linemates.

This view shows you the full speed of the play, and you can see that Kadri was low, bent over, on the hit.

The slowed down version looks worse.

UPDATE: Ovechkin came out for the second period, and seemed unaffected. To say that’s a surprise is an understatement. He seemed very incapacitated from what looked like clipping, or something close to it.

And before the second period began, there was some sort of thing between Ovechkin and Matt Martin.