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PPP Bracket Challenge: Round one winners

It wasn’t me. I did terribly.

2016 NHL Awards - Show Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

115 people entered the PPP Bracket Challenge.

Now that round one is over we can go back through those brackets and point out who got what wrong and laugh at me because my cup finals is now ruined.

Our current points leader is Jan H.1 who voted against the Leafs and it’s all their fault the Leafs lost. Here’s the leading bracket:

Seven out of eight first round picks went through, very nice, but that Chicago pick kills their chances of winning.

Contestant ric_MDBmY is the entrant with the most possible points on the table, wisely voted against the Blackhawks and also got 7/8 first round picks correct:

On the flipside, Back in Bracket and Jordan M.1 are on the bottom in points but can make up the most ground as they have the chance to end with over 300 points:

We can call the game over for JKGall as they earned 33 points in round one and can’t get any more.

Finally, I’ll admit to my own mistakes. My bracket is dead as well. Farewell Sharks. We hardly knew ye (in the playoffs).

You can go the to check up on how you’re doing. Good luck to all you smarty pantses who picked with your heads, not your hearts.