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Why did the Maple Leafs unfollow everyone on twitter?

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They finally checked their mentions, I guess.

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Today the official Toronto Maple Leafs twitter account unfollowed everyone it had been following except President Brendan Shanahan.

Of course, this being Maple Leafs fans, they are being calm and rational about the entire thing.

Why would this happen?

Well, there’s a new Digital Community Manager at the team and perhaps they wanted a fresh start for the account. Maybe they want the account to be functional, and not clog the feed with courtesy follows.

Or, maybe someone looked at their mentions:

In light of those move, perhaps there’s something more sinister at work?Conspiracy theories are now popping up:

Remember: when two people follow each other you can DM those people. Can you just imagine what people were DMing them? This is a gift to the people who run the social accounts for the Maple Leafs. Not as big as blocking facebook comments, but a nice gift.

Some fans have organized their own protest.

I know why the Maple Leafs unfollowed everyone.

It’s pretty simple.

Twitter is full of idiots.