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Preview: 2017 Women’s Worlds Day 3

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Possibly the most interesting Day 3 in World Championships history.

United States v Canada - 2017 IIHF Women's World Championship Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Today’s Games

Every single game today will have an impact on tomorrow’s Quarter-Finals. Buckle up and here we go!

12:00 pm Germany vs Switzerland - Switzerland’s best chance at squeaking through to the Quarter-Finals involves beating Germany in regulation. Before this tournament, I would have said they’d do it no problem. Now, Team Germany has their confidence up, and their goalies have proven to be awesome. They don’t need this win, but I bet they want it pretty badly anyway.

3:35 pm Canada vs Russia - So. Prayer circle time. Russia hasn’t looked nearly as good as Finland but if they start Alexandrova and she puts up a great performance under pressure... I hope Canada spent all of Sunday trying to fix their shit, is what I’m saying. (Live on TSN 4/5)

6:00 pm Sweden vs Czech Republic - The only chance the Czechs have to move on is to beat Sweden in regulation and hope the Germans win. Both of the Czech losses have been heartbreakingly close, and the Swedes haven’t looked as dominant as they would have liked, so nothing’s impossible here.

7:35 pm USA vs Finland - On one hand, discovering that Noora Räty can go even more beastmode than she did on Saturday would be awesome and almost worth the Canadians needing to play some poor Group B team in the Quarter-Finals. On the other hand Annie might murder me for cheering against her team. Root for a blue team — what shade is up to you. (Live on TSN GO and, tomorrow at 10am on NHL Network)

For a more in-depth look at the various paths in the standings, check out yesterday’s post.

Division II A

The Division II A World Championships are going on from April 2-8 in Gangneung, South Korea. As the host, South Korea will be filling the eighth spot at the 2018 Olympics, so we’ll keep you up to date on the standings there.

Day 2 Standings

After two days of competition, South Korea leads the standings with 6 points and a goal differential of plus 6

Also, the best news out of Day 1 : All’s fair in love and hockey at WWIIA championship