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Everyone is the worst: Scalping charity tickets

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In the debut of my new feature “Everyone’s the worst”, I look at scumbags who take advantage of charity.

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Anaheim Ducks v Edmonton Oilers - Game Four Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

Welcome to ‘Everyone’s the Worst’, where seldo takes a look at just who’s being the worst person in hockey fandom. This feature will appear randomly, whenever the mood strikes.

So the Oilers were charging $80 to stand in the concourse and watch their home games on TV. I already talked about that one, so I could be forgiven if I was to assume their watch parties wouldn’t be free, like the Maple Leafs are offering in Maple Leaf Square. However, I was happy to be wrong, and they sold tickets for just $5 and were donating the money to their in house charity.

This is a great move, cheap tickets to get the ‘arena atmosphere’ you won’t get via the $80 concourse passes (because you’ll be in the part of the arena that matters). This is a fun time, I’ve gone to events like this, and even though you’re watching on a screen, being in the crowd really makes the game more exciting.

Good for you Oilers, and congrats on not screwing this up.

You may be asking, ‘how can this be the worst?’, or you’re not because you read the headline, tweet, and dek of this column.

Here’s how it gets to the worst: Some dingleberry on ebay is the worst because this person has taken $10 for charity and is turning it into $100 for themselves. The kicker is they’re not even in Edmonton, so this is just some scumbag trying to turn a profit off charity.

That’s right, $50 per ticket to watch the game on the big screen, and the Oilers foundation gets $10 of that, or whatever ‘net proceeds’ are off $10.

Update: Commentor Mapleson has pointed out that the sell price is actually $137 Canadian. This means they bought in $US so they paid $7.31 for the tickets.

Thankfully, StubHub has taken down all attempts to re-sell these tickets, but ebay is still the wild west of ticket sales.

Now, I’m not one to make hasty judgments of people, not my style, so I reached out to this ebay user and asked why they were re-selling $10 charity tickets for TEN TIMES the original price.

I emailed the seller:

seldo: I just wanted to check that these were originally $5 each and the profits going to charity?

The Worst: That is accurate information.

seldo: Isn’t it a little sketchy to sell a charity item for 10x it’s original price?

The Worst: [Does not reply]

Today’s lesson: If you don’t want to be The Worst, don’t take charity giveaways and sell them for profit.


Scalping charity tickets:

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