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WATCH: Jeremy Bracco plays pinball with the puck

That spin...

Aaron Bell / OHL Images

Jeremy Bracco can’t go one game without a highlight goal.

The Spitfires were already up 4-1 but Bracco has been playing like a man who will not be satisfied until he gets one in. He did, but he hit everything including the kitchen sink along the way.

The goal was credited to Graham Knott, as he was the last Spitfire the puck touched on it’s eventual way in.

Seriously, that thing is like Billy from the Family Circus in a Sunday strip.

It also started this avalanche of tweets....

I can’t wait to see what Bracco has in store for us next game.


I didn’t have to wait longer than a few minutes for him to score and get credit this time!

Spitfires are up 7-1 with 2 minutes left...can they go for 8?