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PPP After Dark: Our long Barilkosphere nightmare is almost over

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So long, Senators.

Ottawa Senators v Pittsburgh Penguins - Game Five Photo by Matt Kincaid/Getty Images

Yes folks, it’s finally here. The night we have been waiting for the entire Conference Finals: Senators elimination night!

At last, we will never again this season have to hear about “Canada’s Team” and other associated horseshit. That smug Swede Erik Karlsson will find out he missed out being a World Champion, and will not be a Stanley Cup Champion either.

Strap yourselves in, the ride is about to get bumpy.

Penguins vs. Senators
8:00PM on CBC

Meanwhile, we here at PPP Temporal Shielding Industries and Multiple-Quantum-State Kitten Ranching have been hard at work today.

I love you Memorial Cup, but we need to talk about ticket prices - ElSeldo
There’s no good reason for empty seats at a junior hockey game, in a town this passionate for it.

2017 NHL Draft: Who’s afraid of Michael Rasmussen? - ATF
Rasmussen could go in the top 5 or could drop out of the top 20. Is he Tyler Biggs or just very big?

Babcock’s philosophy of development: ‘Arrive when you’re ready; be good right away’ - Katya
Mike Babcock talked development of coaches, players and Jeremy Bracco at the Memorial Cup this weekend.

Another one of our kittens has grown up and left the ranch (though he’ll still drop by to say hello from time to time)

There’s one other thing to tell you about, and I will tell you about it in tomorrow’s FTB. All I can say for now is: be prepared for a shock on Thursday.


By how many goals will the Senators lose?

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    7 or more
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  • 47%
    Who cares? They will lose! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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  • 20%
    I am a horrible person and think the Senators will win.
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