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[Saturday's FTB] Don't let the weekend distract you from the Oilers blowing a 3-0 lead in 3 minutes

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Also, the Ducks scored the same amount of goals in the last 3 minutes of that period as Chicago did in their series with Nashville

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From the Front Page

What's Going to Happen to Josh Leivo? - Pension Plan Puppets
And will he land on his feet with the Leafs?

Is Kailer Yamamoto Too Good For the Leafs to Pass Up? - Pension Plan Puppets
Stop me if you’ve heard this before. There’s this brilliant offensive winger, but he’s small.

2017 NHL Draft Target: Is Erik Brannstrom the defenceman the Leafs need? - Pension Plan Puppets
Swedish defenceman Erik Brannstrom should be available at #17 or 18, and he carries a ton of offensive upside.

What can the Maple Leafs expect from drafting 17th or 18th? - Pension Plan Puppets
Not Auston Matthews, we know that. But there are two current members of the Leafs taken at at that number.

The trade-down option: Some players (probably) available in the 20-50 range - Pension Plan Puppets
Looking at players in the 20-50 pick range

Maple Leafs have a few more RFAs to sign - Katya
With the big RFA contract already done, there’s a pair of NHL regulars left to sign and a few top AHL players as well.

Leafs Links

The Nikita Zaitsev Contract Is Bad And The Leafs Will Probably Regret Signing It – TheLeafsNation
Draglikepull has the con take on Zaitsev

Nylander’s lack of 5v5 scoring touch may not just be luck – TheLeafsNation
I found this article really interesting. It's a look at why we may be better off letting Nylander be a LW, if we keep him, Matthews, and Hyman together.

2017 World Championships Recap: Miro Aaltonen, Mitch Marner, William Nylander in action on Day 1 | Maple Leafs Hotstove

Nikita Soshnikov – 2016-17 Player Review | Maple Leafs Hotstove

Around the NHL

Edmonton Oilers - Anaheim Ducks - Game Recap (

Perry puts Oilers' dream season on the brink - TSN

Oh also, the Blues lost. But don't let that distract you from the fact that the Oilers blew a 3 goal lead with 3 minutes to play.

The TSN Hockey Bobcast - Episode 15
I think this should be the one hockey podcast that's mandatory listening. McKenzie is great, and in this episode, he tackles the offside challenge, mandatory full facial protection in the NHL, and discusses concussion protocols. Well worth a listen.