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EA Sports' NHL 18 uses wrong Maple Leafs player chewing mouthguard

James van Riemsdyk should be compensated for this heresy.

EA Sports will soon be releasing their annual installment of the NHL video game franchise. As usual, they released a teaser NHL trailer to promote the game on YouTube.

That’s Mitch Marner scoring on the Senators’ Craig Anderson at a simulated Maple Leafs game at the Air Canada Centre. A goal exactly like that did happen in the 2016-17 season, but it was actually in a shootout.

It was still amazing.

However there’s one issue I have with this teaser video. An inaccuracy.

Yes, it’s minor; something which most would not care about, even if they noticed it.

I noticed it.

Marner does not chew his mouthguard like this. I have seen him with it sticking out of his mouth like in the teaser video while on the bench, but he simply doesn’t chomp his mouthguard like a real pro. You know who does?

James van Riemsdyk.

Oh, yes. There are many players who chomp their mouthguards these days. It seems like chomping on a mouthguard is now so common I imagine it will be added as a skill to be measured at a future NHL Scouting Combine. Perhaps Bikeguy can scream out encouragement.

“Work those incisors. WORK THEM! HAAAAAARD!”

Yet, even then, there is no way any prospect could match the majestic movements of JvR’s mouth around that hard object he loves so much.

Some Maple Leafs players have tried to replicate his glorious mouth work.

But they aren’t consistently successful.

But, Marner, does not regularly do this, especially while flying down the ice. He does not chew his guard like JvR does at every moment.

I am personally hurt that EA Sports has conflated two of my favourite players in such a manner. There’s only one Maple Leaf who can chomp his mouthguard during a game like a Bajoran enjoys a Jumja stick.

Bruce Bennet - Getty Images

His mouthguard is green, and he likes to chomp it. ALL. THE. TIME.

He’s really good at hockey.

He scores lots of goals.

Some people, very misguided people, say he should be traded during this off-season, ignoring that he has no desire to leave Toronto. Still that is no excuse for this inaccuracy by EA Sports.

As the biggest JvR superfan there is, I demand EA Sports produce a proper NHL 18 teaser with a green mouthguard chomping JvR scoring a goal!

And why not?

He’s a nice guy.
He tries hard.
And he loves me!