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Back to Excited Hockey Podcast - Episode 3: GAR Wars

Time to get stats-y

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Another two weeks of the summer have blissfully rolled by, and we have another podcast for you. As always we hit on a variety of topics, including:

  • Arvind reveals he has a social life [0:32]
  • We talk about trading a forward [1:30]
  • Arvind goes on a 5 minute soliloquy about Goals Above Replacement (GAR), which Fulemin politely pretended to understand [29:30]. We then both discuss the pros and cons of the stat, some of the various models, and why it’s difficult to choose one over the other.
  • Why were we so low on Andrew Nielsen? Fulemin puts on his prospecting pessimism and discusses his flaws [50:15]
  • Meanwhile, Arvind talks more about Yegor Korshkov [58:01], and the process of learning about prospects you don’t get to watch often.

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