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2018 Maple Leafs Playoffs

Boston Bruins outplay the Maple Leafs and take game seven with a dominating third period

The wild first period and the tight second gave the Leafs a one-goal lead, but Boston owned the last 20 minutes.

Toronto Maple Leafs game preview: History is on our side

There’s been more good than bad.

Will Leo Komarov play tonight?

And will Boston use their best players the most?

Maple Leafs meet the media after winning Game 6

Watch the interviews from last night.

We’re going to game seven: Maple Leafs demolish the Bruins 3-1

Mitch Marner and William Nylander score the goals, and Frederik Andersen plays in god mode.

Game Preview: Fight for Life

Toronto aims to defend home ice to extend the series to the maximum possible length

Jake Gardiner talks penalties, Mike Babcock doesn’t

Watch the Leafs players meet the media today.

Leafs gut out the win they had to have 4-3 over the Bruins

This series is coming back to Toronto!

Watch: Leafs plan for Game Five is to be good

It sounds silly, but they mean it.

Too many pinches, not enough goals — Leafs lose 3-1

The Bruins take a stranglehold on the series despite the absence of Bergeron.


Let’s get it on!

UPDATED WITH LINEUP NEWS - Leafs vs. Bruins Game 4 Preview: Comeback Part Two

Toronto plays host and hopefully plays best.

Leo Komarov officially ruled out for Game Four on Thursday

The lineup at practice today should be what we see tomorrow.

Line matching for fun and profit: how the Leafs beat the Bruins in Game Three

Was it all about Tomas Plekanec, or was there something more to the win over Boston?

Home sweet home — Leafs beat Bruins 4-2

Auston Matthews gets on the board and Patrick Marleau gets a pair to keep the Leafs alive.

Updated with morning lines: Leafs vs Bruins Game Three, this time it’s personal

After the wicked Bruins gleefully took Leo Komarov out of game two they come to our arena looking to ruin the fans’ fun.

Panning for gold in the remains of Games One and Two

Was it all a disaster? Or was there some bright side to these two games.

Maple Leafs invent new ways to self-sabotage, lose 7-3 to the Bruins in Game 2

There were parts of this game that were not bad, to be honest. Just not very many of them.

Toronto Maple Leafs game preview: Can the Leafs come back to take game two?

It’s game two and the Maple Leafs need to come back and make a statement without their number two centre.

Roundtable: Can the Leafs win without Kadri?

How will the new lines and new top power play unit perform?

Maple Leafs Nazem Kadri suspended for three games

Leafs practiced without him today.

Nazem Kadri gets the gate for a hit, but what about next game?

The call was charging on Kadri against Tommy Wingels, but illegal hit to the head might be the real crime that gets him a suspension.

Toronto Maple Leafs game recap: It was 4-1, then 5-1, then....

The Maple Leafs should probably not take so many penalties in game two....

Game one media scrums with the Maple Leafs

This is not a chance to see who has beard game already. This is a serious examination of hockey clichés.

2018 NHL Playoff Preview: Toronto Maple Leafs vs Boston Bruins, Game 1

So it begins.

NHL playoff history: Toronto Maple Leafs vs Boston Bruins

93 seasons crammed into 1,000 words.

Who really is Canada’s Team?

With the Jets* and the Leafs in the playoffs it’s time to break out the stupidest debate that comes up every goddamn playoff season

Deep dive into which Boston Bruins player we hate the most

Vote early, vote often, and tell us how you really feel about the Boston Bruins, may they know nothing but disappointment.

PPP Playoffs roundtable: We have opinions

What do we think of the Leafs and the rest of the playoff teams? Can we agree on anything? Read our most sober and serious opinions here.

Enter the PPP Bracket Challenge

And win....pride? What, are we made of hot tubs to giveaway?

Odds are that the Leafs will either win or lose against the Bruins

A look at the probability models and how they predict the chances of each outcome for the Maple Leafs.

Maple Leafs to face Boston Bruins in the first round of the playoffs

We finally know our fate.


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