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Maple Leafs vs. Lightning open chat: two of the NHL's best faceoff tonight

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The Bolts have a showdown with the Leafs.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Maple Leafs (33-19-5) vs. Lightning (38-14-3)

7:00 pm ET
TV: TSN 4 (blackouts in effect)

Our game preview with lineups is here.

So. It's been a pretty quiet day on the Leafs news front, eh? Not much happening. Business as usual. Nothing causing a Twitter firestorm, right?


Here's some free PR advice for Maple Leafs management: when you hold an unprompted press conference to publicly announce "There's no illegality" about your actions, the first thing everyone thinks is that you're lying. Lamoriello might as well be Nixon here saying " I am not a crook!" Next time, say nothing.

MLSE, please remit $50.00 for my free advice. Make the cheque payable to "CASH" as I can't have a paper trail linking me to you discussing how not to look like your are doing anything untoward.


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Names you will recognize tonight include hometown boy Steven Stamkos, ex-Leaf Anton Stralman, and all around dirt-bag Jake Dotchin. This is not good. The Leafs are going to need to be physical here. This could be the team they face in the playoffs.

Here is some music to get you in the mood for the game.