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PPP Roundtable: How to make the Deadline shows less boring

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We’ve got some ideas, how about you?

TSN reporters Photo by Dave Sandford/Getty Images/NHLI

Every year TSN and Sportsnet have to find ways to fill time in their eight hour trade deadline shows. This year they can fill an hour or two going over the trades from this weekend, but after that what do they do?

Talk about how maybe possibly Erik Karlsson will be traded by the Ottawa Senators? In the past they’ve brought on so called anonymous insiders like Eklund who got trades gloriously wrong on live TV, and last year TSN tried to add comedy by skits that were clearly done at the last possible second from the cast of Letterkenney and Jay Baruchel. I doubt this year will be any better, but we at PPP have ideas for next year.

seldo: It’s hockey right, so we need to use the best hockey entertainment has to offer: Intermission games. Move out of the studios to a local barn for a set up. Let’s set up some inflatable bowling pins and have the insiders throw Jeff Marek down the ice to get a strike.

Get Bob McKenzie and James Duthie on tricycles and have them attempt to ride around a rink.

Get some timbits age players behind the desk and see how well they can report on the debacle that was the Senators-Penguins-Golden Knights triangle trade for Derick Brassard.

Bring on some mascots and have them play a game of three on three.

Use some of those ex-players to see who can actually make the shot from centre ice into the hole just big enough for the puck.

Katya: Bob McKenzie talked on the Bobcast about how what they do on the show is fishing. They just put their lines in the water and if they get something, that’s just a bonus. Obviously they should fish for real. Give them a big tank of water with some trout in it. Really go all the way, have a campfire and a frypan and do up the catch if they get any. Arguing over how to properly fry fish would at least give them another topic for the day.

One potential drawback is the risk of drowning when someone decides to go swimming in the tank.

Arvind: Replace all NHL GMs with NBA GMs.

Fulemin: Everyone—the hosts, the audience, the tech crew, your colleagues—does a shot every fifteen minutes that goes by without a trade. Note: neither I nor PPP is responsible for any health, legal, social or other consequences of my terrible ideas.

seldo: They did get in on this one year when the guys at The Score decided to live stream their deadline day drinking game.

So, if you’ve taken the day off to watch deadline day, or have found a way to slack off at work (man I miss having an office job), what would you like to see on trade deadline shows?