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Heeeeere’s Johnny!

Andreas Johnsson gets his first NHL goal.

Montreal Canadiens v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Save that puck!

Andreas Johnsson, who has an astonishing 10 individual Corsi For and seven Shots on Goal late in the game against the Montréal Canadiens, scored his first NHL goal from Zack Hyman and Connor Carrick.

On a line centred by William Nylander, the three former Toronto Marlies have just feasted on the Habs. It seemed like a goal had to come eventually.

The sugar is sweeter fro Johnsson with his old teammate/rival Arturri Lehkonen on the ice for the Canadiens. They were the second and third line young prospects back in Sweden, one a Leafs prospect, one a Montréal pick, one a power play dynamo, one a PK and 200-foot player.

Lehkonen made the NHL last year and has 55 games in this year. Johnsson is in his second.

The glorious work of Brigstew.