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2020 Toronto Maple Leafs Playoffs

NHL Playoff and Offseason Schedule

How fast is the run to the cup? And then what happens?

Brendan Shanahan has ‘complete faith’ in Dubas and Keefe

Everything said today by players and management telegraphs running the same team out for another year.

Columbus shuts out the Leafs, advances to face Tampa Bay

Hockey is dumb.

Sunday’s FTB: It’s do or die tonight, does history show us anything?

With five game series back in fashion, we look to the past for inspiration.

Winners and Losers from Game 4: an amazing Leafs comeback

Winners and Losers are only for Winners.

Weekend Playoff Standings

Five games to go.

Recap: We have no words....

How can you describe this game?

Updated: Friday Afternoon Playoff Standings

One more team is out, and several are on the brink.

Maple Leafs blow three goal lead, face elimination tomorrow

Same old, same old.

Game Preview: Leafs once again face Columbus with the series tied 1-1

Moving forward sans Muzzin :(

Making sense of the Playoff Standings

Brackets are easy to track, but the NHL’s reseeding format this year is a little more challenging.

Jake Muzzin out for the rest of the series

After a collision in Game 2, Muzzin won’t play again in the Qualifying Round

Winners and Losers from Game 2: Morgan Rielly is having an elite playoffs

And the goals come in for Auston and JT.

John Tavares leads the Leafs to a win over Columbus in game 2

The Leafs dominated from the captain on down, but Jake Muzzin left the game injured in the final two minutes.

Sheldon Keefe’s choice: Play better within the CBJ system or go Maximum Leafs

My head and my heart are at war over how to beat the trapping Blue Jackets.

Game preview: The Maple Leafs should score a goal today

Scoring a goal or two is what I would do if I wanted to win.

Hockey Diversity Alliance, NHL and HNIC team up to open the playoffs with anti-racist message

Anti-racism is part of playing the game the right way.

We’re making predictions because we never learn

We did some back in October, and they turned out not well.

Know Your Enemy: Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Boston Bruins recap

Last year’s opponent and this year’s opponent played each other in an exhibition game.

How the Maple Leafs have done in best of five series.

Did you know the NHL playoffs have changed several times? A lot of you are acting like they haven’t.

Kerfoot, Rielly lead Maple Leafs to road win over Canadiens at Scotiabank Arena

Not a bad debut from Nick Robertson.

Columbus has a great PK, but there is one better

And it’s not who you think.

What does John Tortorella think of his forwards?

And what does that mean for the Leafs?

Columbus Blue Jackets: who scores, who defends

The team produces great defence and abysmal offence, but what does each player do?

Columbus Blue Jackets Official Hub Roster

They have two Latvian goalies. This shouldn’t be allowed.

Maple Leafs official roster has 30 players

Including Andreas Johnsson

Here’s how NHL players will walk to Scotiabank Arena and maybe interrupt your commute

Will the players get lost in the PATH? Probably not, but that would be fun.

Who are the Columbus Blue Jackets?

Are they the team no one wants to play for? Or are they more like the team they finished tied with than we want to admit?

Updated with correction: Leafs announce Return to Play roster

The Leafs have two cuts to make in the next two weeks.

Projecting the Maple Leafs playoff roster

Featuring Nick Robertson! Confirmed!

Toronto Marlies Taxi Squad Predictions

Who can still help the Leafs this season?

Looking at the Maple Leafs back half schedule

Who, where, when, how to watch.