US Election: Voting, News, and Election Results Open Chat

William Bretzger/The News Journal via USA TODAY NETWORK

This is your place for talk about the US elections. We're creating this post so you can have a consolidated discussion that doesn't span multiple FTBs. And, yes, we all hope it won't take multiple days to figure out the winner of the Presidential race, but, it probably will.

The existence of this post does not at all mean political talk is suspended in the FTB. It's only because we know you all have many opinions you want to share and we expect a huge amount of discussion about election day and the election results this week that will overwhelm any other discussion. So have at it here.

Discussion and site rules which would apply to any FTB are in effect here, meaning you really need to be acting out to get a simple warning, never mind a actual ban, but we will be doing both of those if you cross the lines and our site rules.

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