Updates on the NHL season start via the 31 Thoughts Podcast

Some of this is paraphrased, other parts are direct quotes

On the financial discussions that occurred:

-They're not touching escrow
-didn't go anywhere on the financials
-taxi squads, how big the rosters will be, if the roster if 25 people how will affect the cap?
-division realignment, wild/stars etc
-I know the players were hoping to vote end of the weekend/maybe beginning of next week, league, middle-end of next week, what everyone is hoping for
-sooner or later, this bill is getting paid, "this generation of players could say they won", it's a 50/50 deal, at some point in time, the bill has to be played. Biggest issue the owners have is cash flow, and is why some of them are really upset. Cash flow is going to be down in the league because there's no fans in the building
-escrow that will be collected will not be equal to what is owed.
-it's possible after this year that the players owe the owners more than a billion dollars, could be likely, the schedule of that pay is slower than the owners would like.
-there will be cash flow issues, and what it means is that the cap will not go up. Maybe for the entirety of the CBA
-at some point in time, this money is going to be due, what does that mean
-there are owners right now that they're concern is that this 6 year deal gets triggered to a 7 year deal if the losses get to a certain amount, and in that time, they will owe them money, and become part of the next CBA. What that's going to mean, is that in six to seven years from now there's going to be a heck of CBA negotiations, basically saying that you owe us hundreds of millions of dollars
-some players playing now who are going to be affected by this, vets playing now won't be affected
-the guys who won't be playing by the next CBA is a win, those who will be, this isn't a win
-current workers being prioritized over future workers, similar to unions

On the next NHL season:

-could see some retirements re: opt outs, how comfortable do some people feel playing
-some players not with their family for safety
-difference between now in the playoffs, is that the players were playing to save costs, if you opt out now, you won't get paid vs the playoffs
-I do think there are going to players that opt out
-target is after Christmas training camps for the 7 teams that didn't make the bubble, jan 1 for those that did, jan 13 puck drop next season
-some people who are skeptical, is a target, what everyone wants to do: 56 games (8x7 for US divisions), unsure for CDN divisions
-when they come back there will be ads on helmets, are talking about ads on helmets
-not doing jersey ads now due to the depressed market, testing it with helmets first
(speculation by Friedman) - "just me talking but I'm wondering what's going on for the playoffs long term" "the playoff debate is not over" (re: expanded playoffs), "I wonder, maybe it's not now, but I gotta tell you, I have some people telling me that's not going away" "I don't know how you look at that scenario as say no" - Marek. "Gotta make your tv package more attractive."
- (additional speculation by Friedman) "the playoffs this year are still kinda under wraps, I think we know it's going to be top 4 in each division, someone told me there's something I don't know if it's now or later, that there's something long term in the playoffs"

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