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GDT: Maple Leafs @ Panthers

This game means more than the others. Or does it?

He’s back!
Credit: Christian Bonin - TSG Photos

Maple Leafs (33-23-8) @ Panthers (33-24-6) 7:00 p.m. ET
Watch on: TSN4, FOX Sports Florida (blackouts in effect)
Opponent’s site: Litter Box Cats

The Florida road trip comes to a climactic end tonight against the team chasing the Leafs to make the playoffs in the Atlantic Division. Here’s our preview of the game.


Toronto Maple Leafs cheering guide for February 27th: Go Habs Go? - ElSeldo
I feel so dirty for saying this, but it would be good for the Canadiens to win.

The Marlies have turned over a new Leaf after NHL trade deadline - HardevLad
Understanding the moves made by the Marlies at the trade deadline.

It’s been a great day for cats in Toronto.

Let’s hope it’s a bad day for cats in Sunrise.

Here’s your theme music for tonight. SPIKEY CAT DANGER!