How do the Leafs get under the cap..?

Hello Leaf fans,

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of reading versions of : Leaf’s must trade Kerfoot, Holl or Muzzin.

The simple route to cap space, and to leaving the restrictive 20/21 player roster, seems to me to be putting the captain on the LTIR…and having a potential roster of 23.

John Tavares is likely going to miss 3-6 games ( based on his initial medical reports ), why not bite the bullet and sit him for the 10 games. Let him come backup at 100%, instead of rushing him back and risking further injury.

10 games would also provide a truer test for Malgin and Robertson against actual NHL competition.

Nylander also might not stand up to 10 games of playing Center, but we may as well find out. Worse comes to worse, Järnkrok, Engvall, or even Marner might have to middle…?

If you hate this suggestion, I wonder if the Leafs might trade for a sizeable contract that’s already on LTIR..? They’d still have to give up a body, and maybe some prospects. I’m looking at something big…like Carey Price…that would be some cap room..!

Or…do the Leafs just dress 19 guys against the Habs, and then qualify for emergency call ups..? This however, would only be a temporary solution.

We will find out their plan by 5:00 today.

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