Maple Leafs shuffle the roster


The first five players on that list are all on LTIR or IR. Which allows the Leafs to have 23 other healthy skaters. There have been reports that Timothy Liljegren will come off of LTIR to play against Boston on Saturday. When that happens, someone has to be removed from this roster, either onto IR or to the AHL. The NHL day begins (and ends) at 5 pm each day, so for today, all of those players may practice with the Leafs — a player must be on the Maple Leafs roster to be at a practice. For tomorrow, whatever changes will be made have to be done by 5 pm. Jake Muzzin is one of the players on LTIR, and he was moved there from IR a few days ago. At that time, the Leafs did not absolutely need the LTIR room, but it has allowed them to recall the slightly more expensive Wayne Simmonds today. The Leafs are using about $100,000 of Muzzin’s LTIR pool. Once Liljegren returns, and someone is taken off the roster, a few hundred thousand of Muzzin’s LTIR pool will be in use. With reports from the road trip that Muzzin saw a specialist in California, Chris Johnston is now reporting on Insider Trading that :