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FTB: Two more games before the break

The Lightning, the Flyers, then a breather.

Christmas comes early for Ellis. Christmas came early for Ron Ellis and the Toronto Maple Leafs last
Stanley Cup winner, and Hockey Hall of Fame member Ron Ellis celebrates Christmas with his wife Jan, and adopted daughter Kitty
Photo by Bob Olsen/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans and people who enjoy black and white photos of families.

It’s December 19th, and we have just two Maple Leafs games left before the NHL takes its Christmas break. No games from December 23rd to the 26th. The Scotiabank Arena will be busy on Boxing Day however, as the Toronto Marlies take over the big rink for a day. The Belleville Senators will be the opponent and the game starts at 3PM.

On the Maple Leafs schedule, we have them hosting the Tampa Bay Lightning on Tuesday night at 7PM, and then the Philadelphia Flyers come to town on Thursday for the new traditional matinee game, at 2PM.

This will be the Maple Leafs second game against the Lightning this year - they lost 4-3 in overtime back on December 3rd.

The Flyers should be an easier time, as the Leafs defeated them 5-2 on November 2nd,

In other Leafs news...

Conor Timmins is superceding expectations on the Maple Leafs. He missed a lot of time before coming to Toronto, and we weren’t expecting the play he’s given us so far.

The Maple Leafs do well against the best, which, frustratingly we know because it’s the same when they play the worst.

Seriously, why all of a sudden is Nylander’s contract a problem when he’s playing at his best? There were a bunch of silly articles about this the past couple of weeks.

In other news....

Logan Thompson was playing for Brock University two seasons ago and now he’s the Vegas Golden Knights starter. It’s a great story.

I’ve long been an Alex Pietrangelo fan, and all the best to his family.

Finally, it’s not hockey related, but you just love seeing a team like the Patriots lose in incredible ways.


Have a great day!