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2022 NHL Draft Profile: Lane Hutson

Lane Hutson is the small king of this draft

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FTB: No, today is not NHL Free Agency day

The traditional Canada Day festivity was moved for this year to later in July, but NHL teams can still make one important move starting today.

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Got a seventh? The Leafs have a deal for you

Why wait until July 13, when you can have this player now!

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NHL Mock Draft 2022: The Toronto Maple Leafs select Noah Östlund

There’s no way Toronto drafts another small skilled zippy forward right?

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Is Rasmus Sandin really a candidate to sign an offer sheet?

It’s at least plausible unlike most of these stories at this time of the year.

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Sometimes you just have to pay them to leave

It’s buyout time, but the Leafs are very unlikely to be a player in this game.

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Maple Leafs Prospects

Toronto Marlies

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2022 NHL Draft Profile: Christian Kyrou

Kyrou is one of the best defensemen in the OHL, but poor skating hurts his draft hype

2022 NHL Draft Profile: Isaiah George

George is a strong skating defenseman with some offensive upside

2022 NHL Draft Profile: Jagger Firkus

He’s small, he’s ginger, he can rip it, and he has an A+ name

Bob McKenzie’s final draft ranking is out: Who should the Leafs pick?

Who can we expect to see taken at 25th overall?

Let the offseason begin as Leafs re-sign Liljegren

Two years for Timmy

New offseason cap calculation & updated RFA list

Leafs chip a chunk out of their cap space.

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Thursday FTB: William Villeneuve is a Memorial Cup champion

Villeneuve had two primary assists to help Saint John win the CHL title

Wednesday FTB: Re-assessing potential draft choices based on Bob McKenzie’s rankings

The Bobfather released his final rankings before the draft, and it changes some things.

FTB: Ramp up those awful rumors

I heard from my uncle who works at TSN that the Leafs are trading for Crosby

2022 NHL Draft Profile: Adam Sýkora

He’s a hard working, skilled winger and the youngest top prospect in this draft

Monday’s FTB: The Stanley Cup is won and the HHOF will announce inductions

Dion Phaneuf is now eligible for the Hockey Hall of Fame!

Weekend FTB: Tampa lives for another game

The full=scale offseason shenanigans won’t start this weekend

2022 NHL Draft Profile: Sam Rinzel

It’s not often people get excited about a high school prospect

Friday FTB: the Ottawa Senators are relocating

Patrice Bergeron has made a decision

2022 NHL Draft Profile: Denton Mateychuk

He may be a small defensemen, but he has a lot of points and sterling data.

FTB: After 2,581 days, the Edmonton Oil Kings did the impossible

The WHL Champions actually won a game?

2022 NHL Draft Profile: Owen Pickering

I like Owen Pickering because he experienced the same growing pains I did

FTB: Auston Matthews is the undisputed best player in the NHL

and the Coachella Valley Firebirds have their coach

The NHL Awards Show is Tonight

I know, you thought they cancelled that, but no, there’s still going to be a show.

FTB: The Burgundy team got Maroon’d

The Stanley Cup Final begins a short but hot trip in the summer.

The Memorial Cup begins today

The annual showcase of the CHL is back, and it’s your chance to watch a week of firewagon hockey.

2022 NHL Draft Profile: Gleb Trikozov

Gleb is my favourite prospect in this draft and he should be yours too

FTB: New coaches, new GMs

Teams are filling vacancies.

Weekend FTB: Does Dubas have some tricks up his sleeves?

Please let it be so if only to break up the long off-season.

2022 NHL Draft Profile: Kevin Korchinski

If you long for the return of Jake Gardiner, I have a prospect for you!

FTB: No Stanley Cup visits for Russia

Or Belarus, because, you know.

Updated with more: Toronto Marlies add players

Noel Heofenmayer and Matteo Pietroniro are back for another year after a successful Growlers season.

2022 NHL Draft Profile: Pavel Mintyukov

He may not be the top defensemen in this draft, but Mintyukov is tons of fun

Thursday FTB: NHL Live is leaving Canada

Meanwhile the Cup won’t be allowed to go to Russia this summer


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