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And now you know

Waivers begin today

What? Really? Yup, time to start waiting for the list every day at noon.

European Report Glossary

Understanding Jukurit, Jokerit, KHL and Liiga.

Useful sites that make writing and thinking about hockey possible

Time to give credit to the people who maintain the information we use every day.

NHL Trade Deadline Rules

The quick 101 on how it works.

LTIR, the NHL Trade Deadline and You

Now the LTIR chickens come home to roost and ruin all the fun of fantasy trading.

Understanding IR and LTIR for the capped-out Maple Leafs

Every injury will soon be a cap problem as well as a medical problem.

Waiver exemption and the Maple Leafs call-up options

Navigating calling up replacement players with 45 cents in cap space begins with understanding waiver exemption.

This year’s NHL trade deadline: the times, dates and rules

The deadline isn’t just about trades, it also affects the NHL and AHL playoff rosters.

NHL, AHL and ECHL Hockey Contracts 101

SPCs, one-ways, ATOs and reserve lists. It all does make sense. Trust me.

So you heard a rumour about the Leafs signing a European UFA

When will that happen?

Understanding Emergency Recall vs Regular Recall

The Leafs have been dealing with injuries via emergency recalls. There’s a reason for that.

The waiver period starts today so start worrying about who the Leafs might lose

Nothing says preseason is here like speculating on cuts and who might get claimed on waivers.

The basics on NHL contract bonuses

How do bonuses on NHL contracts work, and in bonus content: what’s a contract slide?

New Maple Leafs Depth Chart

All the new NHL-contracted players have been added.

June dates to remember for the NHL off-season

With the Stanley Cup Finals just over, some key dates for you to remember for the rest of this month.

The interesting way that the Corsi spread has tightened in the NHL

What does it tell us about the next frontier of hockey analytics?

An early look at next season’s depth chart and prospect pipeline

With four names to add to the depth chart, and some changes to the pipeline, it’s time for an early look at the 2018-2019 state of things.

Welcome To PPP

Are you new to the site? Start here!

Key dates for the NHL playoffs and beyond

What happens when and to whom.

Maple Leafs Depth Chart: 2018 post-trade deadline edition

The depth chart is updated with all the new Maple Leafs.

Justin Holl in for Roman Polak: What is Emergency Recall?

Justin Holl was brought to the Leafs under the emergency recall rules.

2018 NHL Trade Deadline: How does it all work

It seems simple, until all these weird rules crop up you’ve forgotten about since last year.

December hockey schedule: key dates to remember

International hockey heats up, and the NHL has some dates you need to keep track of.

NHL Fines and Suspensions: How do they work?

With a new man in charge at Player Safety, fines are making a comeback. Learn how they work.

Why Josh Leivo’s number of games played matters

Have a seat and learn about Group 6 Free Agents.

Martins Dzierkals appears as we update the Maple Leafs depth chart and pipeline chart

Track all the NHL-contracted and drafted players with these two handy lists.

So you’ve cleared waivers, now what?

What happens if a player who needs waivers is called up?

The 3HL TOUR is a whole new way to enjoy pro hockey

The 3HL TOUR is moving with high speed and high energy both on and off the ice.

KHL 101: A basic guide to the largest league in the world

Stretching from Europe to Asia and employing some of the top players in the world, the KHL is a league you should know a little about.

Look at all those wingers: Depth Chart and Pipeline List updates

The Leafs have only one player straddling the line between depth and prospect.

Updated with closure information: Useful sites that make this site possible

Time to give credit to the people who maintain the information we use every day.

Updated depth chart and pipeline lists

Players have been added and subtracted, so check out the new lists of who is where in the Leafs’ system.


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