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And now you know

Advanced Stats 102 - What is GAR?

There’s a new stat on the block. Learn all about it

Escrow, cap inflators, and HRR; what does that all mean?

Never leave a lawyer and an accountant alone together. They come up with the weirdest stuff.

Who runs the 31 NHL teams and where did they come from?

Quick, how many GMs can you name? What about assistants and special advisors?

The Leafs pipeline list is updated and improved

The Maple Leafs have made some changes upstream, so the 2017 pipeline list has been refreshed and now shows when rights expire.

Maple Leafs pipeline 2017

This isn’t a depth chart, it’s a list of future depth: all players whose rights are held by the Leafs, but aren’t signed to an NHL contract yet.

Draft rankings 11-31 from a selection of sources

There's more than one choice for the Leafs this year, so we’re keeping track of the rankings in the neighbourhood of number 17.

Key dates in the off-season for the Maple Leafs

Once the playoffs are wrapped up, we can get to the real fun.

2017 Toronto Maple Leafs depth chart

How shallow is the pool right now?

Odd and Interesting Numbers from the Leafs’ 2016-17 Season

Some things that stood out to us as we combed through the data.

So you want to be a Leafs fan?

A primer for those looking to climb onboard

The Leafs’ bonus problem isn’t a problem

Let’s dig into the Leafs’ cap situation, and figure this out.

What to expect when you’re expecting (goals)

How exactly does one expect goals?

Waivers: A bracing refresher on how they work

Waiver status is just one of the reasons why NHL rosters are not a meritocracy. Preseason is the perfect time for a refresher on how it all works.

So you want to sign an SPC

What's in your contract?

So you're suddenly a hockey writer

I accepted an offer to recap hockey games and quickly learned I didn't know how to watch hockey and write about what happened for someone who didn't see the game.

Dos and Don’ts of NHL Rumour Mongering

How you can enjoy the NHL silly season

CBA 102 - LTIR and You

Examining some of the nuances of the LTIR rules, just in case the Leafs had a serious injury to a key player and not a lot of cap space to try and acquire a replacement. Not that the Leafs would ever stoop so low as to excuse their own incompetence because of injuries to average players...


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