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Cap Space Shuffle

Maple Leafs Offseason Cap Space

You might be surprised by how much room there is. But it’s nearly all an illusion.

Rasmus Sandin joins the Maple Leafs Taxi Squad

Is he back? Almost.

Maple Leafs cap space post Riley Nash trade

Half of the picture is clear. The rest is like watching a game in reverse retro jerseys.

Maple Leafs Practice Update: injuries, absences and cap machinations

Today’s post-loss practice had all of that and Michael Hutchinson too.

Maple Leafs Cap Space after the Andreas Johnsson Trade

Things look much better, but looks can be deceiving.

Is Ilya Mikheyev headed to arbitration? Yes, yes he is.

We’ll know by the end of today.

Maple Leafs Cap Space After the Brodie Signing

There’s a bit of an overage, and it sure seems like someone has to go.

RFA rules: Arbitration, Qualifying Offers and negotiations with no end date

The weirdest part of this offseason is the missing final deadline.

No one wants a John Tavares style contract this season

The rich teams win by giving big signing bonuses concept is about to meet a whole new contract reality.

The end of LTIR and the Maple Leafs

Farewell to David Clarkson, best wishes to Nathan Horton.

What’s the Maple Leafs cap space like post Kapanen trade?

The Leafs aren’t up against the cap anymore. It’s a least a foot away now.

Deciding who to trade this season is tougher for the Leafs

Last year, the inefficient cap hits were obvious, but the simple days of cleaning up past mistakes are gone.

30 teams & 30 cap crunches: Who can the Leafs find to trade with

Trading? In this economy?

The Maple Leafs are up against the salary cap

Just like everyone believes.

Morgan Rielly has drained the LTIR pool almost dry

A tough decision might need to be made to activate Ilya Mikheyev.

Timothy Liljegren back in the AHL as Cody Ceci set to return to the NHL

One righty in and one out.

Maple Leafs “paper down” Rasmus Sandin, Pierre Engvall and Timothy Liljegren

Paper deals, practice appearances, none of it is serious roster moves.

Dmytro Timashov is claimed by Detroit

It’s tough to hang onto a tweener when the tanking teams are hungry.

Maple Leafs place Dmytro Timashov on waivers

The day before the trade deadline, he joins a small crowd being sent back to the AHL.

Update: Michael Hutchinson clears waivers, will report to AHL

With Frederik Andersen’s return, Hutchinson is on waivers today.

Toronto Maple Leafs: The sick, the injured and Pontus Aberg

Today’s practice has some missing players, and some new arrivals.

Updated: Kevin Gravel dances to Chumbawamba

Injury has interrupted the season of one of the Leafs few defence callups with NHL experience.

Maple Leafs send Jake Muzzin off to slay the Monster of Lake Erie

Jake Muzzin is going to a place he hasn’t been in a while.

Maple Leafs send Adam Brooks and Timothy Liljegren back to the Marlies

The news is in who isn’t on the list.

Maple Leafs send Trevor Moore to the Marlies on a conditioning loan

I’m going to keep explaining how this works until everyone stops acting like it’s a cap circumvention loophole.

Maple Leafs call up Timothy Liljegren

Two great Swedes who go great together are now on the Leafs.

Salary Cap Loopholes and Well-Timed Injuries: Can the Leafs pull off the Chicago Gambit?

Is there a clever LTIR scheme to replace Morgan Rielly that will let the Leafs have their cake and eat it too?

Maple Leafs recall Rasmus Sandin

Now if they want to remember they have Timothy Liljegren, I won’t complain.

LTIR, the NHL Trade Deadline and You

Now the LTIR chickens come home to roost and ruin all the fun of fantasy trading.

Updated: Maple Leafs recall two defenders (really just one) ahead of their roadtrip

I don’t think they’re allowed to play two at once to replace Jake Muzzin, though.

Maple Leafs yo-yo Brooks and Marincin down and then up to the NHL

There was an implausible emergency, then there wasn’t, now they’re back.

Maple Leafs call up Timothy Liljegren and Martin Marincin

Both are on emergency call ups, so who’s hurt?


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