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Cap Space Shuffle

Maple Leafs call up Timothy Liljegren

Two great Swedes who go great together are now on the Leafs.

Salary Cap Loopholes and Well-Timed Injuries: Can the Leafs pull off the Chicago Gambit?

Is there a clever LTIR scheme to replace Morgan Rielly that will let the Leafs have their cake and eat it too?

Maple Leafs recall Rasmus Sandin

Now if they want to remember they have Timothy Liljegren, I won’t complain.

LTIR, the NHL Trade Deadline and You

Now the LTIR chickens come home to roost and ruin all the fun of fantasy trading.

Updated: Maple Leafs recall two defenders (really just one) ahead of their roadtrip

I don’t think they’re allowed to play two at once to replace Jake Muzzin, though.

Maple Leafs yo-yo Brooks and Marincin down and then up to the NHL

There was an implausible emergency, then there wasn’t, now they’re back.

Maple Leafs call up Timothy Liljegren and Martin Marincin

Both are on emergency call ups, so who’s hurt?

Maple Leafs move Pontus Aberg and Martin Marincin to the Marlies

In what might be a paper transaction, at least for Marincin, the Leafs are taking advantage of their two off days to shift some bodies around.

Trevor Moore is back, and Nic Petan is going back to Toronto early

There’s nothing like a roster cut on a road trip to cement your status as a tweener.

How the Holiday Roster Freeze affects the Leafs

Because we don’t actually care about the rest of you. Oh, except Taylor Hall.

Maple Leafs place Andreas Johnsson on LTIR, call up three players

From "sore" to LTIR in 24 hrs. Life comes at you fast.

The cap crunch has arrived for the Maple Leafs and the boot is coming for one of two players

With Marner coming back, there’s only so much money to go around.

Maple Leafs waive Nick Shore

The move comes as Mitch Marner and his AAV are set to come off LTIR.

Maple Leafs send Martin Marincin to the Marlies

With the Leafs in Buffalo today, Martin Marincin is sent deeper into New York State.

Maple Leafs call up Pierre Engvall, put Trevor Moore on IR

Hardev will have a 5,000 word post on this later today.

Updated: Practice lines with Nic Petan, Kasimir Kaskisuo

Cleared or claimed, Michael Hutchinson is off the team for now.

Updated: Nic Petan and Martin Marincin Clear Waivers

Now the Leafs have to decide what to do with them.

Maple Leafs waive Nic Petan and Martin Marincin

This is not quite enough to fit in Zach Hyman, so some other moves are pending.

Are the Leafs going to waive Jason Spezza?

Or is Mike Babcock telling you it’s going to be a defenceman who goes.

Travis Dermott is cleared to return to the lineup

He is going to play against Washington on Tuesday.

Doing the Maple Leafs cap space shuffle with John Tavares and Zach Hyman

What happens if Tavares’s injury runs into the period where Hyman is eligible to return to the Leafs?

Update: Kossila clears and has been loaned to the Marlies

This is likely good news, implying he’s fully healthy now.

Updated: Petan for Liljegren opens up more LTIR space

Just in time for the game in Columbus.


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