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Canadian Hockey League

CHL Notebook: OHL adds new trade rules, wild card playoff games

Sure there may be a good reason for the changes, but where’s the fun?

CHL Notebook: Trades, hires, camp cuts, and more news

The three seasons are about to start, with the QMJHL already halfway through training camp.

Tuesday's FTB: Niagara IceDogs keep it in the family

There's no Leafs news so we're going down to junior talk.

CHL Notebook: Front office shuffles and the WHL gets slapped with a conspiracy lawsuit

So many coaches hired...

CHL Notebook: Memorial Cup coaches poached, OHL heading to Buffalo

Yeah, this is a Leafs site, but it’s my biggest outlet...

Comparing the playoff formats of the CHL

Divisional vs Conference vs 1-16 playoffs?