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Brampton Thunder get swept by the Calgary Inferno

Brampton's win streak comes to an end in Calgary.

Ari Yanover

The Calgary Inferno just can't stop winning.

Saturday, November 28th (4-3 Brampton loss)

The Inferno jumped out to an early lead in this one, with Jill Saulnier scoring just 16 seconds into the first period. The goals kept on coming for Calgary after that. They would score once more in the first before scoring another two goals in the second. 30 minutes in, it looked like Calgary would walk away with this one.

That's not what happened, though. Jamie Lee Rattray scored in the dying minutes of the second period and sparked the Brampton offence. Jenna McParland and Jess Jones added goals in the third to bring the Thunder within one with just over four minutes left to play.

Alas, 4-0 is not the most dangerous lead in hockey and the Thunder came up just a little short in this one. It was a valiant effort by the Thunder to claw their way back in it, though. Rattray and Jones, in particular, have been solid offensive contributors all season.

Sunday, November 29th (5-2 Brampton loss)

The Brampton found themselves in the hole in this one, too. They were down 4-0 by the middle of the second frame. Stop me if you've heard this one before. Jessica Campbell was especially good, scoring a goal and registering two primary assists.

Things got chippy at the end of the second, with Rattry and Hayleigh Cudmore getting into a shoving match behind the Calgary net before they threw a couple of half-hearted punches at each other. They took offsetting four minute majors. Sarah Edney scored for Brampton on the ensuing 4-on-4 two minutes into the third. Jocelyne Larocque would add another one for Brampton to bring them within two.

That would be as close as they'd get, though. Elana Lovell added the dagger, an empty netter with 90 seconds left.

Closing thoughts

  • Jamie Lee Rattray mysteriously changed numbers this weekend. As far as I can tell, she's worn 26 all season, at least until these two Calgary games. This weekend, she ended up wearing #11, sans nameplate. Wonder what's up there.
  • The Inferno's power play has been strangely uneffective this season, converting on just 8.5% of opportunities this year. In comparison, Montreal has a sky-high PP% of 23%. They're behind Brampton and Boston, too. Calgary's offense has been downright scary this season. I don't know what other teams are going to do once they figure their power play out.
  • Liz Knox got the yank in the second game after allowing four goals on 20 shots. Head coach Tyler Fines has been splitting starts between Knox and Howe. I wonder if that changes next weekend. For the record, the platooning has been working really well for them. I think they should stick with it.
  • Through a scheduling quirk, Brampton has had an easy schedule. They've already played (and beat) Boston four times and they'll get the opportunity to sweep the season series next weekend. The schedule gets a little tougher from there on out.
  • The officials were wearing go pros in the second game. I don't know if that's a regular thing but I hope we get to see some of that footage soon.
  • We see a lot of converted forwards on defence in this league but there haven't been a lot of defenders who have moved up front. Candice Styles is listed as a blue-liner but she's been playing up with Rattray and Jones on the first line this season.
  • Photo credits go to the very talented Ari. You can follow her here and view the rest of pictures here.