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2017-18 CWHL season tickets are on sale now!

Toronto Furies will have 15 home games and Markham Thunder will have 16.

Jenelle Kohanchuk (91),  Natalie Spooner (24) and Julie Allen (2) of the Toronto Furies celebrate a goal against Les Canadiennes de Montréal on November 19, 2017
Jenelle Kohanchuk (91), Natalie Spooner (24) and Julie Allen (2) of the Toronto Furies celebrate a goal against Les Canadiennes de Montréal on November 19, 2017
Chris Tanouye / CWHL

CWHL season ticket packages are now on sale! Or at least the North American ones are.

With the season expanding to a somewhat debated number of games per team (currently anywhere from 28 to 34) and the league expanding to seven teams, we knew the schedule might be a little wonky. This is reflected in the season ticket packages available on the CWHL site.

The Furies package is listed as 15 home games. The $185 package price would suggest the single-game ticket prices are staying at $15.00 each, assuming the approximately 17% discount the season ticket holders had last season carries over. (This means STH get three free games this season instead of two!)

At $200 for the season, the Markham Thunder have the most expensive package - but they also have the most home games, at 16. Considering some of the talk about the Chinese population of Markham at the press conference to announce the team’s move, we can assume that the two Chinese teams will be making extra appearances at the the Thornhill Community Centre this season.

The other three North American teams all have packages for fewer games (14 in Boston, 13 in Montreal and 12 in Calgary) with prices adjusted accordingly.

What this means for the overall schedule is not yet clear. Are the extra games in the GTA because it’s easier to convince Sportsnet to film games close to home? Are Boston having difficulties finding a home again this season? Will the four teams with fewer home games be spending more time in Shenzen? Hopefully a regular season schedule will be available soon.

Update: Per the league outreach games (like the Furies Stratford ON game last season) are not included in ticket packages.

The merch discount coupon and two bring-a-friend tickets are included again this season. Unfortunately, there’s no All-Star Game this year, a free ticket to which is usually included. And last year’s experiment of a twelve-game go-anywhere package is not being repeated, which is too bad for GTA fans.

Tickets are not yet available for the Kunlun and Shenzen teams. It’s possible that with the Great Firewall of China, ticket sales will have to be operated through a Chinese site. Note that Boston tickets have their own site as well.

Furies ticket packages are available here and Thunder ticket packages are available here. If you’re not able to get to games, Commissioner Brenda Andress indicated at the KRS announcement that there would be an increase in broadcasting this season. And of course, yours truly, as well as Baseball Annie and Gunnnar Carlsson will be covering as many GTA games as we can. (If you’re local to Markham and want to help cover the Thunder, hit us up)


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