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Empty Calories

This is the fluff, the things people love but some outlets think they're above this stuff.

The Toronto Maple Leafs 2022 Spengler Cup team

Of course this should be a traditional entry, like HC Davos, or Team Canada

The Maple Leafs are in Winnipeg, but how did they get there?

Train? Bus? Some sort of hovercraft?

Leafs Nihilism

Nothing matters!

How Frightened Am I Of Each NHL Team?

A scientific analysis.

Who would be the Maple Leafs playoff opponent?

Who’s their opponent? Would another format be better?

The Optimist/Pessimist take on the Leafs’ great November

Split personality discourse is back.

The Horrors of Maple Leafs Merchandise: Justin Bieber edition

I’m sorry but you’re asking how much for what?

You Realize We’re The Bad Guys, Right?

Why the Toronto Maple Leafs lose.

The Optimist/Pessimist Look At The Leafs

Split personality analysis.

Miscellaneous Leaf Thoughts: Last Week of the Season Edition

Stakes, depth battles, etc.

Tracking the Canadian Division champions

We should reward the division champions with awards of their own.

The Optimist/Pessimist Take On The First Eight Games

Let’s chat!

Why We Hate The Toronto Maple Leafs

Come on, you didn’t think we’d let them off that easy, did you?

Who is this new face in the Leafs jersey?

The Maple Leafs had picture day recently. Let’s see how well you do figuring out who everyone is.

Why we hate the Winnipeg Jets*

There’s a lot to hate and it’s all perfectly rational.

Miscellaneous Leaf Thoughts: Choose Wisely

Approaching a few choices in the next month.

Kasperi Kapanen: 1,883 days as a Maple Leaf

We say goodbye to someone who at first we ignored.

10 reasons why the Leafs deserve to be in the playoffs instead of the Blue Jackets

An old Maple Leafs story is rewritten.

The Toronto Maple Leafs as a baseball team

We’ve heard enough about Leafs lineups. What would this lineup look like?

It’s Good That The Draft Lottery Is A Weird Mess Now

Vote chaos.

Classic PPP: The Barely a Maple Leaf All-Star Team

There are plenty of lists of the all-time best Leafs, and all-time worst Leafs, but what about those NHL players who briefly played for the Maple Leafs?

Wednesday’s FTB: Totally real and not made up sources claim the Leafs are trading for McDavid

Guys, I swear this is deep insider stuff. Trust me.

Days of Our Leafs

You want a soap opera? Look no further.

William Nylander is changing his jersey number to one 88 times luckier

He was 88 at the World Championships and shot the lights out, so why not go back to his old number?

Remember when Eugene Melnyk called the Leafs defense bad?

Reverse psychology? Or does he just not listen to the things he says?

Mikhail Grabovski will be a Maple Leaf forever

Let’s give Grabbo the send off he deserves from both Maple Leafs fans and the PPP community.

6 Players Kyle Dubas will target at the 2019 NHL Entry Draft

PPP has applied machine learning and AI technologies to previous drafts by Kyle Dubas to guess who he’ll look at this year.

PPP Pre-season predictions recap: How badly did we guess the NHL Awards?

Not very well...

Looking back at our pre-season predictions

Only one person got the Cup winner correct.

The Stanley Cup Final should be one damn game

I dare to mess with tradition and change the Stanley Cup Final in to one exciting, suspenseful, all or nothing hockey game.

Mitch Marner needs a contract: when, how much, how long?

We’ve placed our bets on the date, AAV and term. Now it’s your turn.

Game 7 Is Tonight, And I Am In Hell

Here are some thoughts.


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