Proving Once Again, Loving the Leafs is a Global Venture


I found this link to a Russian Leafs fan site. I can't make heads or tails of anything written on it, but it's definitely in the language of Leafs love.

Kerry Fraser on Leafs Lunch


Scroll down to Leafs Lunch and choose August 5th to hear Fraser's 'interview' and the site getting mentioned. Check out DGB's recap if you can't hear what a dud it turned out to be.

Pension Plan Puppets Mentioned on AM640


leafer1984's comment got us mentioned on AM640 Toronto this afternoon. Let's discuss the Kerry Fraser interview and Kerry Fraser's beautiful hair in this thread. If you're checking out the blog for the first time, register and say hi. We don't bite except when it's sexy.

Maple Leafs sharing Reading Royals with Boston Bruins


The Leafs are renewing their alliance with the ECHL team despite some rumblings about moving on. I wonder who will be sent down there?

NHL Trade Deadline Set


Now that the draft and free agency have passed what do Leaf fans have to look forward to? The season? Don't be daft. Mark Wednesday March 3rd, 2010 on your calendar and be ready to take the day off (OH CRAP I CAN'T!) to see what Burkie Claus is bringing us.

Rangers walk on shocker...more to come


Rangers walk on shocker...more to come

Courtesy of Newsday's Steve Zipay (@stevezipay). Now that getting him involves moving no assets are you hoping that the Leafs will sign Zherdev?

Lemon Invited To Russian Camp


He should be a shoe-in, right? I mean, does Russia have any first line talent?

Wellwood Re-signs, Vancouver Grocers Brace For Storm


Our gravy blooded friend re-signs in Vancouver for 1 year for 1.2 mill.