Goal scoring down in all top hockey leagues, not just NHL


Interesting to try to figure out what they all have in common, and why this would be the case. My theory is that it's coaching innovations, but we certainly can't blame it all on Bettman.

Leafs Sign Andrew Crescenzi from the Kitchener Rangers


I can't find much about this kid, he went undrafted, but was invited to training camp. His OHL stats are unimpressive. Anyways, he was signed after Greg McKegg was returned to Erie, which is where the SPC came from. Per BCapp, McKegg didn't count as an SPC, the room came from returning Devane yesterday.

In Which Lowetide Rips The Leafs


In which an Oilers blogger yells "Hey Toronto Maple Leafs: READ A FRICKING HISTORY BOOK!" in regards to our track record of player development. Which apparently it woefully pitiful compared to the Oilers...

Kadri to be Given Sheltered Minutes?


"Maybe in our case the third line is reasonable as well. But if we have three guys playing better than him, we have to decide what we’re going to do. It’s up to Kadri to get the job done." - Ron Wilson I think this means maybe, just maybe, Kadri makes the team AND gets some time to get adjusted to the league.

Couple suing Grabovski


It's for that altercation during the 2010 Winter Olympics Grabovski had with a person wearing a Canadiens jersey. Editor's note: Grabovski 3 Canadiens Fans 0

Leafs pre-season games for US viewers


9/21 - 10pm NHL Net 9/22 - 11pm NHL Net 9/23 - 7pm NHL Net 9/24 - 10pm NHL Net 9/25 - 11pm NHL Net

Leafs Training Camp


Leafs Beat has the three teams players will be divided into for training camp. The teams are named after Leafs greats Darryl Sittler, Teeder Kennedy and George Armstrong. Note: Colby Armstrong is not on Team Armstrong.

Maple Leafs Release Their Training Camp Roster


Cue outrage about Michael Liambis in 3, 2, 1... PPP Update: LOL at Dean Keaton. Full list on the front page.



"Vesa Toskala had a contract offer earlier this summer to play in the NHL from the Flames, but turned it down because he wanted to still be a No. 1 netminder."