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February Fashion Recap: Hats off

I’m taking this as confirmation that the Maple Leafs heed my advice.

January Fashion Recap: The more things change

Don’t call it a comeback.

Are the new Seattle Kraken jerseys good?

Graphic design is our passion.

Thursday’s FTB: Every day is casual Friday now

Auston Matthews and I are both excited for the Maple Leafs to move away from suits and ties.

Fashion Recap: Winter formal

Auston Matthews has put me in a glass case of emotion.

November and December Fashion Recap: Artistic license

We’ve got a lot to catch up on.

October Fashion Recap: Fall Foliage

The Maple Leafs are going back to work, and so am I.

Fashion Report: Finally, Florals

All good things must end, but sartorially the Leafs went out with a bang.

Fashion Recap: Unsung Heroes

Not everyone is going to wear blue velvet suits, and that’s okay.

Fashion Recap: Color theory

In the grayest month of winter, the fashion provided plenty of colour.

Fashion Recap: Fancy that

There are dinner jackets and dinner jackets. This is the latter.

December Fashion Recap: Tiger Beat

Pompoms and tigers and suede, oh my!

Fashion Recap: Suit yourself

The gameday suit: everyone’s got one, but the Leafs have some great ones.

Fashion Recap: Photo shoots and Canadian tuxedos

Auston Matthews steals the show in October.