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"WTF Gary? I thought we were friends"

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Without the media knowing, the NHL & NHLPA met again on Friday in Toronto. Both sides asked the other for a new proposal. They plan to meet again this week. More on this and other Saturday links.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Those were the words of John Q. Sportswriter, who was pretty miffed that the NHL and NHLPA met secretly in Toronto yesterday. All summer it's been the league, the PA, and the MSM. Now it seems that the PA invited the league over for Thanksgiving dinner and chose not to invite the media (the jerks!). Both sides plan to meet again this week, and this time the MSM will be there. AWKWARD.

Doug Gilmour, 1993, and the need for perspective

Jeffler on why Doug Gimour is the greatest Leaf center of all time! Wait, no,the opposite of that

The Maple Leafs after 78 games

Would a 78 game season have helped out Toronto last year? Cam Charron ponders this over at Leafs Nation

Marlies kick off preseason in Cobourg

MLHS with an in-depth look at the Marlies and the logjam at several positions

Who is your favorite Toronto Maple Leaf?

VLM wants to know who and why

NHLers still dangling despite lockout

Dirty Dangle with some nice vids of NHLers in Europe